Fine Silver Stacking Rings (3), Thin Stacking Rings, Hammered Rings, Pure Silver Rings, Thin Fine Silver Stacking Rings, Hammered Rings

$ 25.00

A set of 3 pure silver ( fine silver, .999FS ) hand wrought stacking rings. The rings are perfect by them selves or as a compliment to other rings. Each ring is formed by fusing the pure metal into a ring of silver. The metal is heated to it's melting point and just when it goes to a liquid state, the torch is removed. Pure metals can be fused to form a seamless joint. The rings are then lightly hammered to create light reflecting facets, size and harden the silver. After the exact size is reached, the rings are tumble polished which further hardens the metal and brightens the finish. These rings are solid pure silver. Pure silver has a wonderful luster and is extremely tarnish resistant.

The set of 3 rings is 3 to 4 mm wide and comes protected in a coffee brown gift box.

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