Fine Silver and Copper Cuff, Pure Silver and Copper Custom Cuff Bracelet, Personalized Silver and Copper Cuff

$ 79.00

Fine silver buttons and copper compose this cuff. Each silver button is handmade, stamped and soldered to the copper edge rails. The cuff can be personalized to have the words, quotes, dates or names you'd like. About 8 pure silver buttons will fit a medium size cuff, I can adjust if you need more or less.

When ordering, please describe what you'd like on the top rail, silver buttons and bottom rail of the cuff and your wrist size. Inscriptions may be on the inside if you prefer.

If you're sending an item as a gift, let me know and I will include a gift receipt ( no price info ).

Hand stamped items are by nature imperfect. Each character is manually inscribed one at a time. There will not always be perfect spacing or alignment but that is part of the charm and uniqueness of each piece.

The bracelet comes protected in a coffee brown gift box.


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